Valle di Blenio-Biasca

Über uns

The “Valle di  Blenio – Biasca” bike sharing is a service offered in collaboration with the Townships of Blenio Valley (Blenio, Acquarossa and Serravalle) and Biasca. The territory goes from the Lucomagno pass (1’914m) down to the Riviera Valley in Biasca, located on the intersection of the “3 valleys”: Leventina, Blenio and Riviera.

This is the first bike sharing system in Ticino that uses e-MTBs (electric mountain bikes), which are perfect for the peculiar morphology of the terrain and at the same time give the opportunity to travel long distances with the “assisted pedaling”.

This service is part of the regional strategy to transform the Blenio Valley in a “bike friendly” destination that attracts, amongst others, bike lovers. Another project is, for example, some regional and local cycling routes already organised in our territory.

In this context, the project has been developed in synergy with the Regional Development Agency and the precious help of the Regional Tourism Organization Bellinzonese and Alto Ticino (OTR-BAT).